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Victory Garden Series: From Seed to Seedling

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Now that you have your Victory Garden Seed Pack we need to figure out how you’re going to start your seeds! Starting seeds is both the easiest thing and one of the more challenging things when it comes to gardening. Getting a seed to sprout is easy! Getting a seedling to survive to planting can be hard. 

When it comes to planting, you have 3 options: 1. Start your seedling in a humid place with plenty of water and light.

2. Direct sow your seeds directly into your garden

3. Support your local nursery (Not Home Depot) and grab some established plants from there.

I know a lot of people like exact instructions on exact timing, exact measurements, and the “perfect” amount of light… but, we’re all in this together and plants are living, breathing, surviving things just like us. We need to pay attention to them to understand how they work and what they like/dislike to keep them alive. That being said, I will give you an outline but this is going to be vague and I am happy to answer any questions you have. Step 1- Get soil and seeds ready

Step 2- Get your soil to “field capacity” aka if you grab a handful of it and squeeze hard, a few drops drip out. Not a muddy mess and not bone dry, just enough to retain moisture.

Step 3- Get your containers filled (like 80%)  with soil, you want your seeds about 1-2 inches (2.5-5cm) below the surface. You'll want something that can hold ~6-8oz (171-227g) of soil

A major Pro-tip: Use old takeout/to-go/take-away containers for this step. You’re just going to throw them away or recycle why not fill them with dirt and provide yourself another meal. It’s stupid easy. 

Step 4- Cover them loosely with a lid or a hair net or some of that bubble wrap from your recent online purchase. This will allow air exchange and light. 

Step 5-Wait

Follow those steps and you’ll get some plants to sprout. Give it ~14 days (at least) before getting worried.

Easy right? Give them some light, some water and some love and you'll be one step closer to eating food you grew yourself. Future topics will include pictures and more instructions.

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